Electronic Voting Machine

The number of EVMs used in the State in General Election to Loksabha 2009 are 20508 Control Units and 21593 Ballot Units. More ballot units were used as more than 16 candidates contested the election in Kottayam PC.

An EVM awareness campaign was conducted in all the Taluks to create awareness about the usage of EVMs. As per the direction of ECI, randomisation of EVMs had been done in order to have transparency in the allotment of EVMs to polling stations. There was a zero randomisation in which EVMs to be used for training were segregated and red stickers pasted on them. In the first randomisation, EVMs were allotted on the basis of assembly segments. The EVMs were allotted polling station wise in the second randomisation.

The EVMs used in the State in General Election 2009 are of ECIL type. The Engineers from ECIL, Hyderabad conducted first level checking of EVMs in all the 14 districts in the State. 27821 CUs and 26936 BUs were found in good working condition. 267 CUs and 1137 BUs were found faulty which were later rectified by the Engineers. A Nodal Officer was appointed in each district to oversee the activities relating to EVMs. Each button on the BU was checked and dummy votes were recorded in order to ensure the proper working of EVMs. A green sticker signed by ECIL Engineer and Nodal Officer was pasted on the back of EVM. The sticker shows machine serial no. and current ID of each CU/BU.

This time the State had provided facilities for blind voters to cast their votes on EVMs. The facility was introduced in one polling station in Thiruvananthapuram PC (Tvpm LAC), Palghat (Ottappalam), Kozhikode PC (Beypore LAC) and Wayanad PC (Sulthanbathery LAC). The blind voter could feel a dummy ballot sheet in braille (form 7A) and could cast their votes on EVM in which a numeric sticker was pasted indicating the serial number of candidates in the same order in which it appears in dummy ballot sheet (form 7A).

Again, the State had introduced in the Election 2009, dummy card board ballot units in order to enable the Presiding Officer to explain the method of voting to ignorant voters. This was introduced to ensure transparency.

This is the image of a voting machine coupled with vote counting machine	This is the picture of a vote counting machine	This is the picture of a voting machine
EVM Presentation (PPT :5.6MB)