The delimitation of Assembly Constituencies in Kerala started in August 2002 with the preliminary work of compiling population status with respect to the then existing administrative and developmental units jurisdiction and district level statistics. Later on as per the revised instruction of Delimitation Commission, compiling of statistics was again done with respect to the census data of 2001. The entire secretarial assistants for the Delimitation exercise which required a very large amount of population related data aggregated in various administrative units along with detailed maps showing the basic units, geographical features etc was provided by the Election Department of Government of Kerala. The then Chief Electoral Officer Sri. P J Thomas IAS (up to 10th April 2005) and Smt. Nalini Netto IAS, present Chief Electoral Officer (From 11th April onwards) provided all assistance required for the Delimitation Commission to complete the exercise in Kerala. Sri. N Mohan Das, then State Election Commissioner was an ex-officio member for the delimitation of the constituencies of Kerala.


Legislative Assembly

  • 1. Sri. C K Chandrappan
  • 2. Sri. P Karunakaran
  • 3. Sri. N N Krishna Das
  • 4. Sri. P Rajendran
  • 5. Sri. P C Thomas
  • 1. Sri. M P Gangadharan
  • 2. Sri. K N A Kader
  • 3. Sri. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan
  • 4. Sri. Binoy Viswom
  • 5. Sri. P P George

After compilation of the statistics, the Delimitation Commission held 5 detailed meetings with the Associate members at the state capital and at New Delhi on the following dates.

  • 1. 8th NOVEMBER 2004
  • 2. 21st DECEMBER 2004
  • 3. 29th JANUARY 2005
  • 4. 26th FEBRUARY 2005
  • 5. 13th MAY 2005

After the 4th meeting with the Associate members, the draft delimitation proposal in respect of Kerala was published in the National and State gazette for public opinion. The full Commission held 3 public sittings in Kerala at the following places to facilitate the public, political parties etc. to file their suggestions and objections to the draft proposal.

  • Conference Hall, District Collectorate, Kozhikode on 23rd APRIL 2005
  • Conference Hall, District Collectorate, Ernakulam on 24th APRIL 2005
  • Govt. Guest House, Thiruvananthapuram on 26th APRIL 2005